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As a leading Access control System integrators, Viewtech Security install regularly a variety of card access systems such as Proximity/Magnetic readers, Fingerprints systems, Gates systems

Access Controls give you the ability to permit or deny the use of a particular resource by a particular entity. Access control mechanisms can be used in managing physical resources such as a door or a gate, which only certain users should be able to access.

When a credential is presented to a reader, the reader sends the credential's information, usually a number, to a control panel, a highly reliable processor. The control panel compares the credential's number to an access control list, grants or denies the presented request, and sends a transaction log to a database.

When access is denied based on the access control list, the door remains locked. If there is a match between the credential and the access control list, the control panel operates a relay that in turn unlocks the door. The control panel also ignores a door open signal to prevent an alarm. Often the reader provides feedback, such as a flashing red LED for an access denied and a flashing green LED for an access granted.

Access Control Advantages

Once a card is presented to the card reader, the transaction will be logged into the system database. Therefore, management will have a record of who is entering and what time they are entering the building.

Access will only be granted to individuals with a valid access card that is programmed to be used at that specific door at a specific time.

Great for parking garage control!

Cards will be date and time sensitive, thereby, granting controlled access.

Great for Exercise rooms and Laundry rooms!

If a problem (i.e. vandalism, theft, injury) occurs, a search can be performed to identify the user by time and door location.If a card is reported lost or stolen, it will be considered invalid and deleted from the database rendering themselves useless to vandals.

This will provide management will an accurate count of cards for the building and to whom they belong to.The system is scalable and can be expanded in the future to support 56,000 card users and 64 doors.

The card access system will report when used along the Digital Recording System activity and can be used hand in hand to track down vandalism and theft in the building. A card access system is an important tool that is required in today buildings for security control and is also a good investment feature for potential condominium buyers.

Our products are available to any company in the card access system/security industry. This will give the corporation the flexibility and comfort levels to purchase any additional equipment or services that may be required from any service company of their choice

Building Key System

With some key systems the keys may be duplicated

With a key system a resident may claim that their key was lost or stolen, when it was actually handed off to a non-resident or a renter who is not on the lease

Residents do not have to worry about messing around with keys and insert them in the keyway. They just present their card to the reader (Great for the Elderly or when carrying parcels)

With a key system management cannot control who has access to the building Example paperboy, contractors, cleaning lady, old residents and renters. Therefore, they have access to the building any time they want

With a key system management will never have a record on

  1. How many building keys are with each building residents
  2. How many building keys are with non-residents
  3. How many total building keys


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