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Linear Building Telephone Entry System

The Model AE2000Plus Commercial Telephone Entry System with Access Control – Four Doors, Large Screen is designed for use as a primary access control device for gated communities, parking garages, office buildings, apartments, dormitories, hotels/motels, commercial buildings and recreational facilities through Intercom Systems in Vancouver.

Housed in a locked, rugged stainless steel faced enclosure, the AE2000Plus features a lighted keypad with bright, easy-to-read graphics, a large backlit display with programmable welcome message, a built-in microphone, speaker and provision for an optional Model CCM-1A color CCTV camera. The cabinet is monitored with a magnetic tamper switch.

The four relay output channels can be programmed to control electric door strikes, magnetic locks, door & gate operators, or barrier gates.

The system utilizes hands-free, full duplex telephone communications between visitors and residents for granting access. Complete access control event logging, access time restriction, access location restriction and administration functions are also available to manage the installation.

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Logenex Elite Series Residential Intercom

TeleDoorBell Elite Series

When you're looking for a classic door entry intercom of the highest quality then look no further than the Elite Series TeleDoorBell. It easily connects your entry door to all the premise phones. With such features as colour matched illuminated call button, superior sound quality, low profile and packed with the most features of any door entry system the Elite Series will satisfy the most discerning designers and architects. Made of solid brass, TeleDoorBell Elite door stations are rugged, weatherproof and built for North American climates. Perfect for commercial or residential applications demanding the highest caliber, TeleDoorBell Elite Series seamlessly integrates to virtually any analogue, VOIP or business phone system and is available with or without adjustable night vision colour video cameras.


Call Forwarding: TeleDoorBell includes call forwarding that can instantly connect your front door station to your cell phone or secondary location without your visitor ever knowing.

Relay Control: Built-in relays allow you to operate any electronic door hardware such as electronic strikes or bolts, magnetic locks, garage and bay doors from any phone. Activate lighting, thermostat, alarm system and more instantly by pressing a few keys on your premise or cell phone.

Remote Dial-up: Access TeleDoorBell from offsite and perform any function as though you were on site.

Colour Video CCTV Camera: TeleDoorBell Elite video door stations feature high-resolution, low light CCD cameras that are adjustable to select your field of view for clear images even in total darkness. Providing true 24/7 live video surveillance images TeleDoorBell Elite video door stations are suitable for integration with any DVR, PC, security monitor or television.

Call Waiting: TeleDoorBell will sound a call waiting tone when you are on another call. You can place your call on hold, speak to the visitor then return back to your call with just a few strokes on your phone.

Caller ID/Distinctive Ring: Distinctive ring and caller ID identifies who is calling as every TeleDoorBell door station features both Caller ID and distinctive ring.

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