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Card entry systems are used to prevent access to areas such as condominiums, office buildings, warehouses and other facilities. They eliminate problem with unauthorized key usage, in case it was copied or lost. Each access card or key fob has unique number that can be deleted from the system if lost or stolen.

Before access controls were only in secret military facilities, but now they are widely used in airports, residential buildings and large and small businesses. When access granted, each cardholder is identified in the system and log information will stay in database for up to 3 years. Log memory allows you to control door activity, when and who was entering the door.

Proximity cards and keychain fobs are primarily used for access control system. Cards can be programmed different from others. Some have limited access to only main entrance during business hours, others – to unlock safes, and secured server rooms. System can be embedded in elevators where cardholders do not have access to certain floors. So, office workers or apartment residents using elevator, can get access only to the floor that they live or work on. Access control system can be programmed to time zones, where user is given certain days and hours to enter premises.

Cardholder’s information is not stored on the access card or key fob. All personal data such as name, address, phone number and picture stored in access controller database where user is registered. Even if you try to use the card in another building using same access control system, it will not pass on any of your personal information. The head of department or manager at any time can modify cardholder’s permissions and entry limitations on his or her account. They can decide whether to allow access to premises, allow only at certain time or do not allow at all. All this and much more access control system can provide.