Cutting-Edge IP Wiring Solutions in New Westminster: It’s time for You to take Your security and elevate it with Viewtech.

by Adam

With the increased use of electronics devices and the internet, especially in the modern societies, security of both the home and business entities needs to be well enhanced. This is where advanced IP wiring solutions come into play. Since New Westminster is aspiring to be a more developed city, it means that security requirements become even more demanding. Viewtech is a security and surveillance technology company, which provides the best IP wiring services in New Westminster to guarantee security of your property and personal belongings.

What Are IP Wiring Solutions?

IP or Internet Protocol wiring solutions refer to the connection of an organization’s security systems like CCTV cameras, intercom systems, access control systems via the IP networks. Compared to the familiar analog systems, the IP-based systems are characterized by considerably higher resolution, remote control capabilities and 

higher level of integration. The greatest strength, therefore, is in the centralization of responsibility through the linking of many devices in a single network.

Why Company for IP Wiring Solutions?

Enhanced Image Quality: An IP camera offers better image quality as compared to an analogue camera. This guarantees that all aspects are well recorded and this is important, especially in the detection of the intruders or observing activities in a particular premise.

Remote Accessibility: IP systems to include are systems that allow surveillance through remote access of live feeds as well as recorded events. It will always allow the user to monitor his or her property regardless of whether the user is at home, at the office, or on a vacation through the help of a smartphone or computer.

Scalability and Flexibility: Two, IP wiring solutions are very scalable. For addition of more cameras, improvement of existing systems, or implementation of new security solutions, IP systems can receive these changes quite well without extensive modifications.

Cost-Effective: However, it has been found over time that the IP systems can be cheaper than the other traditional systems. They demand fewer cables and the arrangement process is normally less complicated. Additionally, their ability to integrate with existing networks can save on additional infrastructure costs.

Viewtech’s Expertise in IP Wiring Solutions

As for Viewtech, we primarily deal with IP wiring design and installation for the needs of the New Westminster inhabitants and companies. This is why we have assembled the best team of experts in the field who will ensure that you benefit from the best technology and first rate service in your security system.

Comprehensive Security Assessments

The available IP wiring solutions are based on prior security audits conducted by our staff members to determine potential risks before system installation. Thus, it guarantees that each client gets a unique system depending on the security needs of the organization.

Professional Installation and Maintenance

Ta skilled technicians are also responsible for the installation process which is done professionally to guarantee that elements have been duly installed and adjusted as a way of maximizing their functioning. We also have the services of routine maintenance to ensure that your system is constantly checked or in case of any breakdown, repaired immediately.

Integration with Advanced Security Features

Viewtech’s IP wiring solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with other advanced security features. This includes intercom, access control and alarm systems hence offering a security package that is completely manageable and monitor-able.

The Viewtech Advantage

Cutting-Edge Technology: Subsequently, we utilize modern trends developed in IP technology to make security services we offer our clients excellent.

Experienced Professionals: We have professional and hardworking employees, qualified and experienced enough to ensure clients get the best treatment they deserve.

Customer-Centric Approach: Our focus is clients’ satisfaction; hence we meet their needs by providing unique services and attention to services.

Local Expertise: We are a company that operates in New Westminster and as such we know the security issues faced by people in this city as well as its businesses. This fact allows us to implement only effective practices that are most suitable for the given locality.


As the issue of security is a top priority in the existing society, incorporating sophisticated IP wiring solutions is desirable for houses and businesses in New Westminster. Viewtech is located right in the center of this revolution providing unmatched professionalism and best technical solutions. Thus, with choosing Viewtech, not only your property becomes protected by the best, but you also acquire a sense of comfort and confidence in your security system.

To know more about the methods by which Viewtech can assist you in managing your property using sophisticated IP wiring systems, feel free to get in touch with us. Allow us to assist you to contain with the continuously growing security technologies in the market.

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