Enhancing Security: Office & Business Building Card Access Systems For CommercialAvailable in North Vancouver

by Adam

Since the dynamics of commerce security continues to change, business people in North Vancouver are extending their security measures such as the implementation of Card Access Systems. These systems provide perhaps the most effective and reliable method of bringing order in the manner through which some areas are accessible by personnel. Technological

advancement specifically accompanied with security issues is another important aspect that has made card access systems an important approach to commercial establishments in North Vancouver.

What are Card Access Systems?

Card access systems are electromechanical security systems in which access or non-access can be controlled by cards containing magnetic strip, RFID, or smart card. These systems can be customized depending with the size and type of the commercial building from an office building to an industrial facility.

Key Benefits of Card Access Systems

Enhanced Security

Card access system give protection to certain areas as they only grant access to those people who have the right cards. This helps to minimize the possibilities of people gaining access to the information without authority or stealing the information gadgets among other security threats. With real-time conspicuousness and logging functions, the business can easily know who is coming and going, and who is using the place.

Convenience and Efficiency

These systems are the most convenient for the employees and the management of various organizations. It is convenient to unlock the required areas for employees while for managers it is rather simple to change the access codes if necessary. It is especially useful in organizations where the formal structure means that roles of people and their responsibilities may shift from time to time.


Card access systems are also very flexible in terms of the size of the premises they protect, which is yet another advantage of using such systems by growing companies. As your company continue to grow,it is convenient to expand the system and add more access point and effectively work in unison with other components in the security system namely cameras and alarms.


Though the installation of card access systems can at times cause a lot of money to be spent initially, the total cost is worth in the long run. The application of security solutions to reduce instances of theft and vandalism, lower insurance costs, and minimize losses by unauthorized persons directly reduces costs.

Implementing Card Access Systems in North Vancouver

For businesses in North Vancouver, choosing the right card access system is crucial. Here are some steps to ensure successful implementation:

Assess Your Security Needs

Carry out a survey of your property to be able to identify the areas of the property that need to be locked down specifically. These include the size of your facility/organization/clientele, number and class of employees, and also the level of security required for each subdivision.

Choose the Right System

There are different categories of card access systems which they include the magnetic stripe cards, the proximity cards, and the integrated circuits or smart cards. All these have their pros and cons depending on the type of compounding that is being undertaken. Information security is critical for any organization, and therefore, it is paramount to select a system that will meet the organization’s needs as per the set security needs and costs involved.

Professional Installation

Installation is crucial in the success of card access systems since it is the foundation of the security measures being put in place. You can liaise with a recognized security firm such as Viewtech to help in installation of the system in the right manner and blend well with the rest of the security systems already in place. Specifically, Viewtech has professional installation services so that you can be assured that your card access system performs well.

Regular Maintenance

Concerning issues of the working mechanism of card access systems, it is important to note that, like any other security systems in the market, they are bound to need occasional maintenance to operate as they are supposed to. Ensure that the system is updated always with the newest software firmware, and the cards sometimes need to be changed this can be done through conducting a vulnerability check every now and then.

Why Choose Viewtech?

Out of the many security companies in North Vancouver, Viewtech has been known to be one of the best in design and supply of card access systems for commercial buildings. Having experienced technical personnel Viewtech offers the services right from consultation to installation of the product followed by maintenance and technical support. This shows that they are quality and customer oriented, and therefore, the best option for any business that wants to upgrade security.


Due to the growing concern of security in the current society, card access systems are some of the measures of security that should be implemented in commercial buildings in North Vancouver. They assist companies in achieving improved security, convenience, scalability and cost reduction regarding the protection of the companies’ assets and the welfare of the employees. If you want card access solutions to be executed flawlessly for your business, then hire Viewtech for the job, and you will not regret it.

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