Temperature Scanning

Fever Screening Thermal Cameras

We offer complete Thermal Scanning Equipment and Expert Installation. Thermal Imaging Cameras can assist with Fever Screening by detecting elevated body temperatures in large groups of people, in under 1 second.

No one expected that novel Coronavirus will stay so long. After extensive lockdown, the life is still experiencing a big halt. But does lockdown offer a permanent solution, the answer is no. The world is waiting for a safe and effective vaccine to combat is a deadly virus, and technology is playing its part in making the world a safer place.

Thermal Camera: Scanning Solutions

Thermal camera in public places work as a screening tool. In case it identifies individual with elevated body temperature, system will notify organization personnel to step in for additional scanning.

Installing thermal cameras at public places like malls, retail shops, office buildings, airports, railway stations, and factories can help in controlling the spread of the virus.

The New Normal During the time of COVID-19

Many organizations have made temperature check mandatory before entering the premise. Installing thermal solutions at places with heavy traffic like offices, factories, transportation centers, and shops will help in filtering people with symptoms so that further steps can be taken to control the spread. Identifying sick people at an early stage will help in curbing the spread of the virus.

Thermal Screening Solutions Can Make a Difference

Thermal Screening helps not only identifying individuals with potential risks, but also gives people around confidence be in public or at workplace.

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