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Detect. Alarm. Record. Notify.

Now we have combined our powerful thermal security cameras are the most powerful tools in any video security arsenal as with the Thermal Analytics Processor, to create the first all-in-one solution to join thermal night vision with edge NVR storage, IP video encoding, and adaptive analytics optimized for our high-performance thermal cameras.

Detect with Thermal

Thermal cameras solve many of the common video imaging problems you have to deal with every day, helping you see clearly in sun glare and shadows, sunrise and sunset, even in complete darkness.

Alarm with Adaptive Analytics

Using unique adaptive analytics algorithms that are specially designed to work with FLIR’s high-resolution thermal video, the Thermal Analytics Processing System virtually eliminates nuisance alarms so you can respond more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Record to a Built-In Hard Drive

With a dedicated 160 or 500 GB hard drive, the Thermal Analytics Processing System gives you all of the benefits of edge recording (like up to 90% reductions in bandwidth use), without the vulnerabilities of systems that combine the camera and the recorder in a single unit.

Notify with Automated Software or Alarm Relays

You need fast notifications of alarm events if you’re to respond rapidly. The Thermal Analytics Processing System will automatically send a visual alarm assessment to as many as 32 mobile devices keeping the people who need to know, in the know.