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Video cameras can be found virtually everywhere – in offices, shops, banks and restaurants. Some of the CCTV systems are not hidden, while others are designed and installed in such a way that it is almost impossible to notice them. Using security cameras reduces the risk of various offenses in a secured facility, since only the view of the installed cameras can prevent the plans of offenders. Also, the effective use of CCTV in the office helps significantly increase employee productivity and prevent theft. CCTV can be installed at any place convenient to customer: be it external or internal space. Outdoor cameras are usually installed at the entrance to the premises or on the protected object. The purpose of outdoor video surveillance is to prevent unauthorized entry into the territory of the protected object. Some street cameras are installed in special outdoor housing and equipped with heating, for continuous operation in the winter. Internal surveillance cameras, respectively, are mounted inside the premises, usually in the hallways, office buildings, warehouses and stores. Internal CCTV helps capture all the movements and control the work of employees. Hidden cameras are only can be detected by a professional. The advantage of the hidden video surveillance is the inability to circumvent or disable it. Most of the CCTV systems consist of cameras, cables and digital recording device. The modern market is abundant with a wide range of video surveillance systems. To make the right choices, you can explore all the available information on your own, or, to entrust the solution of this issue to experienced professionals. Design of CCTV system and the choice of its various components depends on customer requirements for camera system, the characteristics of the object and the installation location. High-quality images, which mainly depends on the camera and the video recording, provide the effective use of video surveillance cameras. Image quality depends on the camera matrix and the lens. The quality of the lens depends on its optics. Quality of the video depends on the camera matrix chip, because the matrix is transforming the image into the video. Matrixes are – 1, 2 / 3, 1 / 3, 1 / 4, the larger the size of the matrix, the better a picture. Also, when selecting the camera, the one should decide to use black and white or colored image. The advantage of color cameras is more precise picture on the monitor. The disadvantages of cameras with color image may include a high sensitivity to light. Black and white camera demand coverage and they can work well even in the dark. Color cameras have a higher resolution, and they better fix the small details and objects at a distance, however, the price is significantly higher. The signal from the cameras can be sent to a computer monitor and recorded onto the hard disk, if the computer boards has the special video card. If your computer is connected to the Internet or local network, the output image can be seen online or at another computer. For more effective maintenance of surveillance systems, it is recommended to use video servers and DVRs. They allow a greater control over the information and facilitate the search in video archives. Modern systems use high-tech CCTV equipment, which usually requires a professional care. The purpose of CCTV maintenance is to keep all the components in working condition, and to ensure a safe operation and performance of the system of its functions.