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Security and safety go hand in hand. In fact, this aspect is indeed an important one as it is related to personal safety. Installing video surveillance system is one of the many ways to keep an eye on the surroundings, be it outside the house or inside and even out on the roads. When it comes to security cameras, depending on the usages, you can fix the kind of clarity required for these. But in spite of all of these, there are many challenges that security and surveillance officers face today. Let us see what they are.

Operator fatigue

Sometimes, the monitoring officers using the security installers may not be vigilant enough to notice some thing extra ordinary. This is known as “operator fatigue”. This term literally translates to the kind of fatigue and tiredness experienced by the people monitoring roads and other public places. In that case, people with suspicious behavior get away and later end up causing terrible tragedies.


Apart from the challenges mentioned, another point to be considered is the price. If you want good quality of surveillance in your home or outside it, you also need to shell out a good amount of money. You need to invest in the storage of tapes of the CCTV cameras footage that gets recorded day in and day out. There are places where you cannot install cameras for security such as religious places or even bedrooms and bathrooms in your house for the reasons belonging to privacy. So in this regard, you cannot keep a tab as to what is happening in these areas.


At times, the surveillance security cameras used are not up to the mark in terms of its resolution or clarity. Hence, the images captured are of a grainy nature and the picture is not clear. Therefore, it is difficult to ascertain what is happening in the situations of chaos or the identity of the doer of the crime. Having a range of products which are extremely versatile and hi-end such as CCTV cameras can surely help but they work only in certain conditions. These gadgets can certainly work wonders. In fact from video surveillance equipments which can be used in the house to gadgets taking care of industrial security, all kinds are used to detect as to what happened after a crime has been committed. The idea is to prevent crime and theft and nab the culprits after the incident.